AIM  IAF - Indian Adventure Foundation

IAF - Indian Adventure Foundation

Aim of These training is to educate students about adventure activities, self defense, physical fitness, mental toughness, self confidence, communication skills, personality development, , team spirit, first aid, Disaster management, specific program for women empowerment, leadership qualities, discipline, decision making and overall development for youth so that they can help themselves and others in the interest of nation as IAF Rescue operations in case of natural calamities like earthquake, flood etc anywhere in the country .
Potential candidates will be sent as Indian adventure foundation representatives in national rescue teams all over the country in the time of need and in the interest of nation.
Indian Adventure Foundation is to provide attractive,innovative and thrilling adventurous environment through various adventurous activities to the youth of our nation. Challenging outdoor training in specified adventurous activities that incorporates controlled exposure to risk, in order to develop: leadership; teamwork; physical fitness; mental toughness; moral and physical courage as well as other personal attributes and skills that are vital to the delivery of Operational Capability.

Note:-  Students from different schools, madarsa, college, degree college, from different district of India, young people who discharge their duties towards adventure activities, participate in different adventure activities of national and international level, according to their need, in which the youth can over and as a perfect and efficient citizen of society. And can make a different identity through different activities across the world.