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IAF  Indian Adventure Foundation again made a world record by hoisting 95 feet Indian Flag at Kedarkantha Trek summit at height of 12500 feet in -13 degree Celsius temperature and elevated India's name again.

National level Kedarkantha Winter Trek (12500 feet) ,organised by Indian Adventure Foundation from Dehradun on 26th December 2020 to 1st Jan 2021; in which in total 26 trekkers and 7 instructors from different parts of India including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh,Odisha, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand , Maharashtra etc.. participated. The participants named Shweta Rani Das , Priyanka Mondal, Sarita Majhi , Swati Rani Das, Nikita Sethi, Deepti Shinde, Praveena Thakkal, Subhadarshani,Shaba Naz, Swapnil Jurale, Priyam Sammadar, Manoj, Lambodar Bagartey, Haresh,Sudeep Mali, Bapan Das,Sagar, Hemanta,Aneesh kumar, Mehtab Ali,Biranchi Sahu,Takeshwar sahoo,Muzaffar Ali. President of Indian Adventure Foundation,Mr. Ifraeem Ahmad, on 26th Dec, 2020 at 6:am, gathered all the trekkers and gave a briefing for futher programme with his blessings and good wishes for successful completion of trek. Under the leadership of Mr.Ifraeem Ahmad, the trek started on Nov 27, at 11:30 am from Sankri after taking all the permission of forest department with complete preparation.The trekkers reached at base camp 1 Junella, at noon after trekking followed by further resting for the day. On 28th Dec, further trekking got restricted by Forest department due to extreme weather and heavy snowfall. The trekkers rested for that day hoping for the weather to get clear. On 29th dec, as the weather got cleared and forest department permitted for further trek, trekkers again started their journey from 8:30 in the morning from camp Janulla.Due to after effects of bad weather and heavy snowfall the trekkers had to face a lot of problems in the mountains but under the guidance of skilled and knowledgeable instructors,the motivation of trekkers went high and they didn't give up.As the President of IAF believes and says, "Hard work can change your life but good thinking change the world", with the high motivation and keeping calm at every step, trekkers beat all their own life's Everest and finally summited Kedarkantha Peak at 3pm in afternoon.

After beating the harsh climate and summiting the mighty Kedarkantha Peak, the spirite of mountaineers was so high that they sang national anthem and hoisted our tricolour proudly,which was 95 feet in size. By giving credit to their individual states , the trekkers once again elevated the unity in diversity of our beautiful nation. This is the second world record of Indian Adventure Foundation,the first being made by hoisting a 50 feet long tricolour on Mount Friendship Peak at Manali. While returning back everyone had to stay at Kedarkantha base camp due to heavy snow storm once again. The next day, on 30th dec, everyone left the base camp together at 9am and reached Sankri at 7pm. The trek instructors including Tshering Dolkar, Amit Kumar, Rehan Ali, Pramod Rana, Anil Rana contribution at every step is beyond words in making the trek a success. The IAF family congratulated all the participants and wished for their brighter future and left for home. For this achievement , President of IAF, Mr. Irfaeem Ahmad congratulated all the family members, gurus, teachers, friends and guardians of trekkers who believed in them and send their ward for trekking in such Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Indian Adventure Foundation & Team
On this Twenty First Day of October, 2020
Special Recognition and Commendations are conveyed to Indian Adventure Foundation and team Akanksha Singh, Chhering Dolker, Prashant Kumar Panda, Sanjay Singh Bhoj and Rihan Ali, has unwovering commitment towards mountaineering, determined with a vision to achieve greotest heights in the field of Adventure and mountaineering, achieved with passion by climbing 5287 meters of Mount Friendship & Waving a 50 feet Indian Flag on the peak, chiselled their legacy by making a difference in the field of mountaineering, mastered their will to prove nothingis impossible to become the "First Adventure Foundation to wave a 50 Feet Flag at an height of 5287 meters. Indian Adventure Foundation and team, achieved a new "Indian World Record" from Himachal Pradesh, and adjudicated by Dr.GVNRSSS Vara Prosod, Advocate, Supreme Court of Indio, at Hyderabad, Telangana, India.